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Limitless NZT 48 – Can You Have It All?

Where do we start with the Limitless Movie, Limitless TV Show and Limitless NZT-48 pill?

Unfortunately, we are not currently dosing and using the NZT 48 limitless pill to write this review but are confident in our cognitive clarity to give you the 4-1-1 about all things Limitless.

Bradley Cooper (Eddie Morra), also an Executive Producer for the CBS Limitless TV Show, first began the “what would happen if you had a nootropic pill that could open up 100% of your brain” debate back in 2011 when the Limitless Movie first hit the cinemas. And now some 4 odd years later, the NZT48 TV Show staring the clear pill taking Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is set to release on September 22, 2015.

If you are here for reviews of the Limitless TV Show – go here.

But our main focus here is going to be on Limitless NZT48 and smart drugs.

Our goal is simple:

We want to create a community of Limitless TV show fans while dialing in and fine tuning the world of cognitive neuroenhancement. We will also be keeping a pulse on all of the Limitless TV Show episodes, previews, and commentary. We love the show idea, concept and direction and we believe most of our fellow brainiacs do too.

In order to dive deep into the daring world of limitless nootropics, smart drugs, brain supplement pills and NZT48 – let’s review all important areas and aspects of the Limitless saga.[/td_block_text_with_title]

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Everything You Need to Know About the Limitless TV Show

limitless tv show review

The new Limitless TV show from CBS follows in the footsteps of the popular Limitless movie (released in 2011). The first season of the show launched on September 22, 2015

What is the Show’s Premise?

The show starts with lead character Brian Sinclair (played by Jake McDorman) accepting a mysterious pill from Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper). Bradley Cooper was the lead role in the original Limitless movie and he reprises that role as the same Eddie Morra in the Limitless TV show.

Yes, the TV show is a continuation of the events of the movie.

Eddie promises Brian Sinclair a world of opportunity if he takes this pill. He tells Brian he’ll remember the moment he was born. His brain will turn into the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what happens when you take the pill: it instantly turns people into geniuses. Your IQ instantly increases to an unprecedented 4 digits and gives you perfect recall of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, or read. The effects last for about 12 hours. So yeah, it’s pretty useful.

Jake eventually gets wrapped up in a plot that draws the attention of FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter, best known as the girl who plays Dexter’s sister on Dexter). The FBI wants to know where he’s getting these insane drugs – because someone else in the world is killing people for the drug.

Eventually, Instead of fighting against Brian, the FBI decides to work with him to track down the creators of NZT 48 and find out who is killing people for the drug.

As Rebecca Harris says in the first episode,

“Every time he takes it, he basically becomes the smartest person in the world. That’s a resource. Let’s make it our resource.”

The FBI begins to work with Brian to track down the people who are illegally selling the mysterious brain drug – which we learn later is called NZT 48.

Other characters on the show include Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Nasreen “Naz” Pouran, Hill Harper as Spellman Boyle, and Colin Salmon as Jared Sands, a former intelligence officer who works as a fixer for Eddie.

What is NZT 48?

NZT 48 is a fictitious drug featured in the Limitless TV show and the Limitless movie. After you take it, it instantly increases your IQ to 4 digits and gives you the ability to learn languages in minutes, beat the stock market, and be the world’s smartest person.

NZT 48 was created as part of a secret government program. I can’t give away too many details of that program without spoiling the first season of the Limitless TV show, so you’re just going to have to watch it for yourself.

What I can tell you about the NZT 48 program is that the program was called off after the first two fatalities. The drug is not nearly as safe as it seems.

The core premise of the show is that someone is killing people for their NZT 48 and that the FBI – with the help of Brian Sinclair – wants to track that person down while identifying the creators of NZT 48.

There’s one big problem with NZT 48: the effects diminish over time. Eventually, you need to take more and more NZT 48 to feel the same effects. Your body gets used to the pill.

The first pill Brain took lasted for 12 hours. He may only be able to take the pill a few more times before the pill barely affects him any more – so he wants to make the most of it.

It’s an arms race: whoever created NZT may be out there giving it to anyone – including people who don’t have the best intentions. That sets up the show’s first season.

Does the NZT 48 Limitless Pill Really Exist?

Don’t get your hopes up about buying NZT 48 anytime soon. There is no medication or nootropic in the world today that can make you remember the moment you were born or increase your IQ to 4 digits. It just doesn’t exist.

Nevertheless, many people argue that Limitless was just a 1.5 hour long advertisement for ADHD medication and nootropics. In fact, Limitless was released just as the nootropic industry was starting to explode with growth.

The closest thing we have to NZT 48 is modafinil, which is a prescription drug typically used to treat narcolepsy. It’s difficult to obtain – and exceptionally expensive without insurance – but there are ways.

Limitless NZT-48 on Amazon

The fact that NZT 48 isn’t real hasn’t stopped people from trying to capitalize on the hype of Limitless’s NZT 48.

If you search for NZT 48 on Amazon, for example, you’ll find one seller that sells weird nootropic drugs in tubes. These drugs are labelled “Limitless NZT-48- 8+10 Doses – Powerful Nootropic Brain-Boosting Ingredients.”

You pay about $60 for a package of 18 doses. You mix the nootropic with water to take it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this nootropic doesn’t list the ingredients list. It just vaguely mentions that the supplement contains ingredients like caffeine, CDP choline, and Alpha GPC.

In reality, it seems like Amazon’s NZT 48 is little more than a caffeine pill packed with trace amounts of herbs and synthetic formulas.

If you’re looking for a real-world Limitless pill, then you can certainly do way better than the NZT 48 you see on Amazon.

Will Bradley Cooper Be a Regular on the Limitless TV Show?

Just 5 episodes of Limitless have been filmed thus far. Filming on the second season (if there is a second season), will not be announced until CBS decides whether or not to renew it.

So far, main character Brian Sinclair has appeared in all 5 episodes. Bradley Cooper makes in appearance in 4 out of the 5 episodes – although his role is relatively minor in each episode.

You can expect Bradley Cooper’s character Eddie Morra to pop in repeatedly throughout the first season – but don’t expect to see him getting huge amounts of screen time.

How to Watch Limitless

Limitless will air on CBS across America on Tuesdays at 10/9 Central. The first two episodes were:

-“Pilot” (September 22, 2015)

-“Badge! Gun!” (September 29, 2015)

CBS will also make the episodes available online through live streaming after the show airs. CBS typically releases shows online within 24 hours.

Limitless Filming Locations

The Limitless TV show was filmed in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City.

The movie, by the way, was also filmed mostly in New York City, although there were also scenes filmed in Philadelphia and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Be sure to check back for the Limitless TV Show Episode 1 recap and review it with fellow fans and limitless addicts!