LimitlessNZT48.com is a premium quality fan based website that features the flagship TV Show Limitless.

A CBS production and story line based on the fascinating film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper as Edward Mora, we wanted to give fans a base to call home online for all things Limitless and NZT-48.

The new TV show is based around Brian Finch in New York City, who stumbles upon the brain-boosting, cognitive enhancing power of a mysterious smart drug NZT-48.

Seen as a weapon by authorities, the FBI coerced him into using his extraordinary cerebral abilities to solve difficult cases for them by working closely with the star of the show and his new-found NZT-48 cognitive abilities.

FBI special agents Rebecca Harris (troubled past) and Boyle (ex-military officer) report to the authority agent in charge Nasreen ‘Naz’ Pouran (canny manipulator) as the story line unfolds featuring Senator Edward Mora (Bradley Cooper who was an Academy Award nominee for his role in the movie Limitless back in 2011) who is a hopeful presidential candidate and active user of NZT.

Mr Mora looks to Brain as his new protégé who is freshly fueled with a steady supply of NZT48 that gives him access to 100% of his brain’s ability and capacity making him more alert and aware than all of the Special FBI agents combined.

This transpires into making the Limitless NZT-48 pill a criminal’s worst nightmare as the TV show unfolds.

We will have much more about the Limitless TV Show and NZT-48 pill review in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

Stay tuned and be limitless my fellow free-thinkers!

About Our Limitless NZT-48 Site

Why are you here and what sparked our search and curiosity?

Being 100% Limitless in mind power and mental potential?

NZT-48, the infamous official Limitless Pill and all its cerebral mystic – has built up quite a righteous reputation in many circles like internet entrepreneurs, biohackers and wall street brokers.

Let’s face it, we all are self-identified alchemists at heart.

Lead into Gold? 10%/20% to 100% Increased Brain Power?

Yeah, me too, I’ll take two tiny clear limitless pills to go please.

But wait where is the catch..

Is it in the possibility of long-term negative health implications and adverse side effects of a daily dosage OTC smart drug?

Or do I go with the motto that you gotta hydrate the hustle?

Who wants to deal with frustrating brain fog and fatigue if you can help it?

These are all questions we are deciding and discussing about.

Thank you for visiting our Limitless NZT-48 page.

We will have much more about the Limitless Movie & CBS Limitless TV Show as well as nootropics, smart drugs and brain supplements.