NZT48 Limitless Smart Drug Pill – Is It The Future?

It is time for us to talk to you straight from the hip so you are well equiped with the organic origins and cognitive curiosity of the hopeful history of NZT 48.

First we will start with the Movie, then discuss the birth and beginnings of nootropics, smart drugs, and brain supplements.

Limitless Movie Plot & Setting Backstory

limitless movieThe Limitless movie features a struggling writer, named Edward Morra, who stumbles upon a fictional drug, called NZT 48, that he finds increases his mental prowess to extreme degrees. He has unlimited energy, is able to remember all of his past memories with 100% accuracy as they were stored in his subconscious mind, and he remembers everything he reads, sees and hears.

He later finds a huge stash of the drug, and begins to take it regularly, manipulating the stock market, and getting the attention of billionaire Tycoon (actor Robert DeNiro) Carl Van Loon. He moves into high finance before blackouts soon occur, causing headaches, delirium, and a painfully debilitating withdrawal that he soon learns will lead to his own death, if the drug is abruptly stopped.

At the end of the movie, he figures out a way to re-engineer the pill, runs for public office (and is about to win a seat on the United States Senate) has re-united with his girlfriend, and is perfectly healthy. Serious questions were unanswered, we yearned for the details of what exactly we had done, and nearly every blogger online started wondering “is this the last we’ve seen of Morra’s genius?”

What is NZT 48?

It was announced in October of 2014 that a Limitless TV series was in the making, with Bradley Cooper helping to both produce, and serve as a lead actor in the series.

nzt48 limitless pillNZT 48 is the fictional drug used in the movie, the drug’s effects consist of, significantly increased confidence and energy, extreme euphoria, perfect photographic memory and savant like ability to recall information when reading and hearing.

In the movie, it is shown that the drug turns vision a golden sepia, and gives an immense boost in IQ points, and deductive powers (one’s ability to use logic to control the environment. Political Powers often times have this ability when campaigning, and the like.)

The Beginning Stages of The Limitless TV Show

Why was this turned into a TV series?

This film was adapted into a TV series because both the lead actors, and main directors, found the science fiction theory behind it to be too interesting to let it die out with just a single movie.

The TV series of the film has extraordinary reviews even before the pilot episode (based on critic’s expectations of the show) and will use the fictional Limitless pill in order to help solve crimes. The plot center’s around Bradley Cooper’s young protégé, of whom he gives a sample of his re-engineered pill (as you can now take the drug without it killing you of withdrawal symptoms).

Soon his friend turns on him, begins working for the FBI, and uses his newfound knowledge in an effort to do some good, and get rid of the corruption in high level business and politics (the major professions NZT users flock towards.)

You be the judge….does this sound like a TV series people would watch?

Will Bradley Cooper Keep His Limitless Appearances Up?


Bradley Cooper plays United States Senator and Presidential hopeful candidate who uses NZT to tweak out his new partner in crime. While he may not be the main character, he will in fact be guest starring, and making regular appearances to give the show the same vibe as the movie.

The show will take place on CBS, is coming this fall to television, and has been highly promoted on Youtube, television, on CVS, and by nerdy tech bloggers.

How Does NZT 48 Work?

In the film, NZT 48 “let’s you access 100% of your brain.”

While this is purely fictional and is not actually feasible (humans already use all of their brains, this was just an exploited myth that was done for the purpose of a Hollywoodized sci-fi thriller), in the film it means that the user has access to all of his previous memories, and of every sensory output that has ever reaches his or her brain.

They also memorize, recall, and fully understand every single thing they read, see or hear instantaneously. In the film this creates unprecedented confidence, and allows them to easily power through the rest of the daily to-do list and world threats as well.

Real Life NZT 48 Limitless Pills – Do They Exist?

The nootropics that come close to this fictional drug are broken up into four categories, Stimulants, herbal nootropics, racetams, and ampakine nootropics.

  • Stimulant Nootropics

Stimulant nootropics consist of things like Modafinil, Armodafinil, Adrafinil, Phenylpiracetam, and Sulbutiamine.

These work mainly on the dopamine and norepinephrine receptors of the human brain, and create benefits on overall cognition such as increased focus and memory, greater ability to recall digit spans, greater ability to use logic to deduce coincidences out of your environment, and finally, more energy.

These drugs can have mild crashes and withdrawal symptoms if taken too frequently and in too high of a dosage, and should be used sparingly to mitigate tolerance. On days you choose to use this nootropic, it is smart to supplement both CDP Choline, and L-Tyrosine to help the brain recover from an excess of stimulation.

  • Herbal Nootropics

Herbal nootropics are drugs that include Bacopa Monnieri, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea extract. These are also commonly known as adaptogens, and create relaxing, clarity of thought inducing, anxiolytic effects.

While they can help to clear your mind in times of stress, for really getting large amounts of work done, these are best if stacked atop nootropic stimulant drugs.

They can help to minimize unpleasant side effects, and can have a very synergistic effect when taken in proper dosages.

  • Racetam Nootropics

Racetam nootropics include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam.

These nootropics act primarily on the brain’s acetylcholine receptors, and help to improve memory, focus, cognition and clarity of thought (though are mainly touted towards the improvement of STM to LTM memory encoding.)

When you take a racetam, unlike a stimulant nootropic drug, expect to feel much more clarity of mind, and to have extremely effective recall when memorizing facts, learning mathematics, or doing a creative task.

  • Ampakine Nootropics

Ampakine nootropics are the strongest type of nootropics readily available, and consist of Sunifiram, Noopept, and Unifiram (though Unifiram is almost never sold.)

These provide extreme euphoria, and are the equivalent of stacking a very high dosage of a stimulant nootropic, with a very high dose of a racetam-type nootropic drug (yet are in doses as low as 5 milligrams per pill in order to feel effects.) Side effects on these are minimal at best, and decrease even further if CDP Choline is supplemented with the nootropic drug.

Common stacks are Phenylpiracetam and Noopept, Sunifiram and Sulbutiamine, and Noopept and Adrafinil (these are all stimulants stacked with ampakine nootropics.)

Was NZT 48 based on Adderall?

Once the film went mainstream, there was speculation that the drug in the film was in fact based on the common prescription amphetamine.

It was in fact based on the novel “The Dark Fields” however, which is a sci-fi thriller that is almost identical to the plot of the film limitless.

And now let’s transition from the world of Limitless and NZT48 into the biggest, fastest growing umbrella of mental potential and mind power products and supplements, NOOTROPICS.

What are Nootropics?

In short, nootropics are a supplemental alternative to Adderall with far less side effects, better mental prowess over the long-term, and that are available over the counter online.

Nootropics don’t carry with them the harsh risk of addiction, tolerance and withdrawal that modern day psychostimulants have (which is one major thing that makes them so popular) and therefore are commonly used by entrepreneurs, college students, and high level finance executives. Nootropics are the perfect supplement for anyone with a rigorous work schedule looking to increase performance.

What is the Most Stimulating Nootropic?

The most stimulating nootropic by far is Modafinil. Modafinil is a schedule IV prescription drug in the United States, yet is very readily available in the nootropics community online by online stores such as Modup  and Modafinilcat.

Shipping is very discreet, and there’s very little actual risk, both sites have been in business for nearly a decade, and secrecy, quality, and speed are their specialties!

How much do nootropics cost?

Nootropics vary in cost from $9.99 to $100 dollars a bottle. Make sure you start slow and build up to avoid any adverse side effects or problems.

Common Side Effects of Nootropics

Common side effects of nootropics include the well-known “racetam headache” which you get from not having enough choline when taking racetam nootropic drugs. A simple CDP Choline capsule will mitigate any unpleasant side effect from this.

Final Thoughts on the Limitless TV Series, and how it relates to nootropics..

With a TV series coming out on a box office hit that was as great as Limitless, nootropics are going to become much more mainstream on par with the popularity of this show. While NZT 48 may not be definitely can become more “Limitless” with the right nootropic cocktails, and a little hard work!