Episode 1 Recap – Limitless TV Show Review

September 22, 2015 the whole world watched on as the Limitless NZT 48 saga continued!

We are very excited to review Episode 1 of CBS TV’s new television show Limitless.

The goal is to give you the goodies and golden nuggets of the Limitless T.V. show Episode 1 so you can get bite-size, clear pill form tidbits and trains of thought about what happened, who went where, and what to expect throughout the entire existence of this epic idea and program.

The vision with this site is very crisp and clean, and that is to take a once taboo subject and give you the 4-1-1 on real brain enhancement without side effects…while lacing the Limitless lifestyle and TV show into it all.

“Limitless” Review: One of the Few Fall CBS Shows Worth Watching

When we found the initial slate of pilots that were “green lit” for production in January, the one nobody had any faith in was CBS’ new program Limitless. At the time, it appeared that that show was simply going to be an adaption of the 2011 thriller staring Bradley Cooper.

However, when it was announced that Cooper would be reprising his role for the series, it was quickly realized that the show isn’t an adaption, but actually a sequel to the original film.

Limitless, at least in the pilot, comes off as a true sequel to Cooper’s movie, which he has reportedly wanted for the last four years.

About the Show

In the show, the main character is Brian Finch, a down on his luck musician that can hardly hold down even a temp job for more than a few days at a time. Finch is considered a disappointment to both his family and friends, and things go further south when Brian learns his father has come down with an illness no doctor can diagnose. However, everything changes for Finch when he runs into an old friend that offers him a second chance in the form of a drug known as NZT.

Limitless is no Mr. Robot, but as far as pilots go, Limitless is a perfect example of how networks can do one right. The premiere episode should be considered one of the most “narratively” efficient hours of television to be produced this year.

Much like how the fictional drug NZT affects the user’s brain, the Limitless pilot appears that it knows the path it is on and how exactly it needs to guide the audience through it. That said, the most impressive fact is that the show truly makes the audience feel like they’re back in the world of the film.

Of course, this isn’t to say that viewers must need to watch the original film to understand the pilot. However, the show does benefit in a few ways if the viewer has seen the movie.

Many of the visual effects are utilized to help the view understand what is happening (the world going from blue to bright yellow when Brian takes the pill). However, the best part about the show is the story’s pacing. The hour run-time flies by and plays like a non-stop, adrenaline fueled ride. It’s incredibly fun, intriguing, and even smart at times.

Many pilots often fall into the trap of trying to introduce the show’s premise while also attempting to create a “case of the week” episode. Limitless, does not come close to falling into this trap since the introduction of Brian IS the case-of-the-week.

It’s procedural story telling that is eloquently disquiet as a narrative. In many ways, the show seems like it’s not far removed from the likes of The X-Files. It makes promises of a long-term storyline, but it doesn’t forget that the singular episode must come first – at least for a show like Limitless.

Please check back very soon for our full recap immediately following the conclusion of the first episode of Limitless!

Bradley Cooper (Eddie Mora) Heavily Invested In New TV Show

Bradley Coopers Interest In Limitless TV Series

Bradley Cooper Heavily Invested in New TV Series “Limitless”

Just a few years ago, Bradley Cooper starred in the hit movie “Limitless.” Now, he’s the executive producer of the brand new CBS show based on the film coincidentally also called Limitless.

Jack McDorman, the star of the show, told a crowd of TV critics how honored he was to have been chosen for the role of Brian by Bradley Cooper. “I actually got to meet with Bradley about it,” McDorman shared, “and he pitched the show. So, to me, again, it was awesome, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He sold me on the show and was really, really excited to reprise his role as Eddie…”

In the new TV series McDorman plays a man named Brian Finch, a man whose use of NZT, the powerful brain-enhancing drug, leads him to become an invaluable resource to the FBI in solving difficult cases.

Bradley Cooper also reprises his role as Eddie Mora – however instead of being a struggling writer, Mora is a presidential candidate who plans to use Finch for his own agenda.

Cooper is created as an executive producer and his involvement with the series is considered to be one of the main reasons Limitless was picked up. “ Craig Sweeny, another executive producer said:

“We knew Bradley Cooper was going to be involved. And so it seemed like, if we wanted the option of having him on screen, we shouldn’t recast the role of Eddie Morra.”

According to Sweeny, Bradley has been very devoted to the show and he has returns of coming back. Bradley and the other executive producers has been in discusses with how to bring Cooper back and in what capacity he should have.

In the upcoming pilot, you’ll see a lot of Cooper and it is set up for you in a way that Cooper will have great mystery around him. His agenda is very, very unclear and you won’t be able to tell if he is good or if he’s bad.

Limitless premiers September 22nd on CBS, and it stars Cooper, McDorman as well as Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Hill Harper.

CBS TV Show Limitless Releases Bradley Cooper Video Clip

Limitless fans are you ready! This one is coming in hot and heavy and gives you great glimpses of what to come.

Take a peak behind the scenes on the latest update from the CBS TV Show Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and ‘Brian Finch’.

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New Limitless TV Show Preview Released

Who is ready for this action packed, mind expanding, drama intense TV series set to air on CBS this fall?

Seriously it does not get any better than this TV fans and watchers.

What better way to watch T.V. than to see how much potential a mind can achieve regardless if smart drug Limitless NZT48 is real, official, or side-effect free!

We absolutely can not wait to see how this TV show series shakes out. Be sure to watch this website in the near future as we continue to bring all of the Limitless TV Show information under one roof and room to show you everything we can about smart drugs, nootropics and brain supplements.

Limitless TV Show Pilot (First Look Behind The Scenes)

Another day closer to the release and launch of Limitless TV show on CBS airing September 22!

And now, we wanted to curate and summarize all of the first look at behind the scenes of the Limitless Pilot.

Here is our first look:

As many of you know, the Limitless TV Show is the transition from the movie Limitless and will give all of us brain-hungry learners something more to go on about the possibilities and potential of unlocking all of the mind’s wondrous capabilities and connections.

Who is Brian Sinclair?

brian sinclair

The TV Show series will revolve around Brain Sinclair (Jake McDorman) who was going no where fast and had lost all hope in his failing music career with no future in sight. Then, through the mystical powers of NZT-48, Brian harnesses all of his brain’s inherent abilities that allows him to function at a level higher than anyone in the room, building or planet essentially. And now, we get to go on his adventure which inevitably attracts the likes of the FBI and Special Agents. We have to tune in to watch how this masterpiece unfolds!

Will Limitless Be Must See TV?

limitless tv show pilot

CBS’ high-octane drama TV Show Limitless features Agent Boyle (Hill Harper) and Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) as the special FBI agents who are tracking and playing along side Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman) – take a look behind the scenes of the Limitless pilot!

The Infamous Train Stop Pilot Scene

limitless pilot review

What if you knew exactly how things operated and ran in the real world? Would you take Limitless NZT48 pill to have those uncanny abilities? What if you could recall every last thing you have ever learned while in school like it was yesterday? Or remembered every math equation and question you ever came across growing up? Would you be able to calculate highly-scary and dangerous problems in real life on the fly? This is the infamous train scene from the 3 minute teaser trailer all of us have saw by now! We can’t wait to see what other physical and mental limits Brian Sinclair unveils to us this fall on Limitless!

Escaping The Fire Cool As A Cucumber?

limitless tv show pilot scene

Many of us underestimate our body/mind connection and its potential as a whole that could be functioning at the highest level (if we had NZT of course). But if you knew exactly, and I mean exactly how much strength you had in your hands and body, what would you do? This scene is a small example of the scenarios where it might come in handy, on TV or in real life lol.

Regardless, we are super stoked to see the process of Limitless unfold before our very eyes this fall on CBS starting September 22! Who needs football when you can become LIMITLESS!


NZT 48 Series Premiere TV Show Preview

NZT-48 Limitless TV Show Series Premiere Preview

I don’t know about you guys, but who else is extremely excited about the small clips being released about one of the best TV shows to come out in recent years (in our opinion).

We all want to become someone that matters right?

Which would you choose, the red or the blue pill?

Would you choose the real life limitless pill as the ultimate brain hack or go back to mundane living and awareness?

The tiny clear pill is about to take us all on a journey of a lifetime in this upcoming TV show thriller.

What are your thoughts about Limitless NZT48 – who could use more benefits like increasing productivity or superior hand eye coordination? What about greater physical  attraction and mind-blowing courage with truly limitless mental capabilities??

But at what expense is the dualing dichotomy this TV show will surely depict right?

I mean side effects briefly mention insomnia, nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, brain damage, black outs, rapid aging, psychosis and even death (sounds like some familiar drug commercials we ironically see now a days?).

But one thing is for sure, all of this is going to make for great drama and interesting parallels to the future of biohacking and nootropic supplements.

Let us know your comments and feedback about this latest NZT-48 TV Show series premiere video clip in the area below!

Stay Limitless!


Limitless TV Show Official CBS Hashtag

What does everyone think of the new Limitless TV Show Series airing on CBS?

We are super excited to be talking about real life limitless pills (smart drugs and nootropics) and what they can do to enhance cognitive function, boost brain power, and improve focus and attention.

The Official Hashtag for CBS’s Limitless TV Show will be #LimitlessCBS

Make sure you watch the Official Limitless Premiere video clip as well!

We know the movie was a massive success because it opens up the possibilites of what the mind can do given the right dosage, ingredients and environment – the question is can we do it all without suffering dire and poor long term side effects?

The world may never know but what we do know is that this tiny clear limitless pill is set to hit the airwaves September 22, 2015 and we are beyond excited!

Live life with no limits, stay tuned for much more information moving forward as we approaching the highly-anticipated release of Limitless TV Show on CBS!

Limitless TV Show Trailer (Official Premiere)

Limitless TV Show – World Premiere Trailer

What do you guys think?

We believe this TV show will see new heights in terms of relativity, wonder and actual ability to ‘take control of the elements’ around us.

The Limitless Movie and Limitless TV Show will both have Brad Cooper in them as well, which is sure to draw buzz from the social media-laden TV-watching community.

But this one feels like it could bring a sense of what it would be to take a real Limitless NZT 48 pill.

To see the unknown, to experience the eclectic essence of creativity and clarity.

I guess you and I will both have to wait until September 22, 2015 to find out!