Bradley Cooper (Eddie Mora) Heavily Invested In New TV Show

Bradley Coopers Interest In Limitless TV Series

Bradley Cooper Heavily Invested in New TV Series “Limitless”

Just a few years ago, Bradley Cooper starred in the hit movie “Limitless.” Now, he’s the executive producer of the brand new CBS show based on the film coincidentally also called Limitless.

Jack McDorman, the star of the show, told a crowd of TV critics how honored he was to have been chosen for the role of Brian by Bradley Cooper. “I actually got to meet with Bradley about it,” McDorman shared, “and he pitched the show. So, to me, again, it was awesome, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He sold me on the show and was really, really excited to reprise his role as Eddie…”

In the new TV series McDorman plays a man named Brian Finch, a man whose use of NZT, the powerful brain-enhancing drug, leads him to become an invaluable resource to the FBI in solving difficult cases.

Bradley Cooper also reprises his role as Eddie Mora – however instead of being a struggling writer, Mora is a presidential candidate who plans to use Finch for his own agenda.

Cooper is created as an executive producer and his involvement with the series is considered to be one of the main reasons Limitless was picked up. “ Craig Sweeny, another executive producer said:

“We knew Bradley Cooper was going to be involved. And so it seemed like, if we wanted the option of having him on screen, we shouldn’t recast the role of Eddie Morra.”

According to Sweeny, Bradley has been very devoted to the show and he has returns of coming back. Bradley and the other executive producers has been in discusses with how to bring Cooper back and in what capacity he should have.

In the upcoming pilot, you’ll see a lot of Cooper and it is set up for you in a way that Cooper will have great mystery around him. His agenda is very, very unclear and you won’t be able to tell if he is good or if he’s bad.

Limitless premiers September 22nd on CBS, and it stars Cooper, McDorman as well as Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Hill Harper.

CBS TV Show Limitless Releases Bradley Cooper Video Clip

Limitless fans are you ready! This one is coming in hot and heavy and gives you great glimpses of what to come.

Take a peak behind the scenes on the latest update from the CBS TV Show Limitless starring Bradley Cooper and ‘Brian Finch’.

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