Episode 1 Recap – Limitless TV Show Review

September 22, 2015 the whole world watched on as the Limitless NZT 48 saga continued!

We are very excited to review Episode 1 of CBS TV’s new television show Limitless.

The goal is to give you the goodies and golden nuggets of the Limitless T.V. show Episode 1 so you can get bite-size, clear pill form tidbits and trains of thought about what happened, who went where, and what to expect throughout the entire existence of this epic idea and program.

The vision with this site is very crisp and clean, and that is to take a once taboo subject and give you the 4-1-1 on real brain enhancement without side effects…while lacing the Limitless lifestyle and TV show into it all.

“Limitless” Review: One of the Few Fall CBS Shows Worth Watching

When we found the initial slate of pilots that were “green lit” for production in January, the one nobody had any faith in was CBS’ new program Limitless. At the time, it appeared that that show was simply going to be an adaption of the 2011 thriller staring Bradley Cooper.

However, when it was announced that Cooper would be reprising his role for the series, it was quickly realized that the show isn’t an adaption, but actually a sequel to the original film.

Limitless, at least in the pilot, comes off as a true sequel to Cooper’s movie, which he has reportedly wanted for the last four years.

About the Show

In the show, the main character is Brian Finch, a down on his luck musician that can hardly hold down even a temp job for more than a few days at a time. Finch is considered a disappointment to both his family and friends, and things go further south when Brian learns his father has come down with an illness no doctor can diagnose. However, everything changes for Finch when he runs into an old friend that offers him a second chance in the form of a drug known as NZT.

Limitless is no Mr. Robot, but as far as pilots go, Limitless is a perfect example of how networks can do one right. The premiere episode should be considered one of the most “narratively” efficient hours of television to be produced this year.

Much like how the fictional drug NZT affects the user’s brain, the Limitless pilot appears that it knows the path it is on and how exactly it needs to guide the audience through it. That said, the most impressive fact is that the show truly makes the audience feel like they’re back in the world of the film.

Of course, this isn’t to say that viewers must need to watch the original film to understand the pilot. However, the show does benefit in a few ways if the viewer has seen the movie.

Many of the visual effects are utilized to help the view understand what is happening (the world going from blue to bright yellow when Brian takes the pill). However, the best part about the show is the story’s pacing. The hour run-time flies by and plays like a non-stop, adrenaline fueled ride. It’s incredibly fun, intriguing, and even smart at times.

Many pilots often fall into the trap of trying to introduce the show’s premise while also attempting to create a “case of the week” episode. Limitless, does not come close to falling into this trap since the introduction of Brian IS the case-of-the-week.

It’s procedural story telling that is eloquently disquiet as a narrative. In many ways, the show seems like it’s not far removed from the likes of The X-Files. It makes promises of a long-term storyline, but it doesn’t forget that the singular episode must come first – at least for a show like Limitless.

Please check back very soon for our full recap immediately following the conclusion of the first episode of Limitless!