Limitless TV Show Pilot (First Look Behind The Scenes)

Another day closer to the release and launch of Limitless TV show on CBS airing September 22!

And now, we wanted to curate and summarize all of the first look at behind the scenes of the Limitless Pilot.

Here is our first look:

As many of you know, the Limitless TV Show is the transition from the movie Limitless and will give all of us brain-hungry learners something more to go on about the possibilities and potential of unlocking all of the mind’s wondrous capabilities and connections.

Who is Brian Sinclair?

brian sinclair

The TV Show series will revolve around Brain Sinclair (Jake McDorman) who was going no where fast and had lost all hope in his failing music career with no future in sight. Then, through the mystical powers of NZT-48, Brian harnesses all of his brain’s inherent abilities that allows him to function at a level higher than anyone in the room, building or planet essentially. And now, we get to go on his adventure which inevitably attracts the likes of the FBI and Special Agents. We have to tune in to watch how this masterpiece unfolds!

Will Limitless Be Must See TV?

limitless tv show pilot

CBS’ high-octane drama TV Show Limitless features Agent Boyle (Hill Harper) and Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) as the special FBI agents who are tracking and playing along side Brian Sinclair (Jake McDorman) – take a look behind the scenes of the Limitless pilot!

The Infamous Train Stop Pilot Scene

limitless pilot review

What if you knew exactly how things operated and ran in the real world? Would you take Limitless NZT48 pill to have those uncanny abilities? What if you could recall every last thing you have ever learned while in school like it was yesterday? Or remembered every math equation and question you ever came across growing up? Would you be able to calculate highly-scary and dangerous problems in real life on the fly? This is the infamous train scene from the 3 minute teaser trailer all of us have saw by now! We can’t wait to see what other physical and mental limits Brian Sinclair unveils to us this fall on Limitless!

Escaping The Fire Cool As A Cucumber?

limitless tv show pilot scene

Many of us underestimate our body/mind connection and its potential as a whole that could be functioning at the highest level (if we had NZT of course). But if you knew exactly, and I mean exactly how much strength you had in your hands and body, what would you do? This scene is a small example of the scenarios where it might come in handy, on TV or in real life lol.

Regardless, we are super stoked to see the process of Limitless unfold before our very eyes this fall on CBS starting September 22! Who needs football when you can become LIMITLESS!


Limitless TV Show Official CBS Hashtag

What does everyone think of the new Limitless TV Show Series airing on CBS?

We are super excited to be talking about real life limitless pills (smart drugs and nootropics) and what they can do to enhance cognitive function, boost brain power, and improve focus and attention.

The Official Hashtag for CBS’s Limitless TV Show will be #LimitlessCBS

Make sure you watch the Official Limitless Premiere video clip as well!

We know the movie was a massive success because it opens up the possibilites of what the mind can do given the right dosage, ingredients and environment – the question is can we do it all without suffering dire and poor long term side effects?

The world may never know but what we do know is that this tiny clear limitless pill is set to hit the airwaves September 22, 2015 and we are beyond excited!

Live life with no limits, stay tuned for much more information moving forward as we approaching the highly-anticipated release of Limitless TV Show on CBS!