Best Nootropics Smart Pills – All You Need To Know About

You might have come across the fact that a normal human being uses only 10% of his/her brain while executing any operations. Based on this ground, several Hollywood movies have been made in the recent times where it has been seen that a normal person becomes super smart right after consuming some nootropic drugs. However, in spite of unfolding this fact of 10% brain power myth, there remains some sound evidence on the ability of nootropic smart drugs which can enhance the functionality of your brain. In this segment, it is going to be conferred about qualia best nootropics smart pills along with their efficiency and much more.

What are Nootropics?


Although nootropic smart drugs have started to grab attention during past few years around, many people still are not aware of its functionalities. In simple words, it is nothing but a particular kind of drug that helps in improving the cognitive features of your brain. Numerous scientific researches have proved that nootropic pills are well able to enhance the levels of overall functionality of brain along with personal motivations memory and level of confidence. As a whole, you will look and work as smarter than ever in any aspect of work you are upto.

How do the best nootropics smart pills work?

The main reason behind the excellent functionality of nootropic pills is that it plays the key role of a stabilizer to the neurochemicals that is in your brain. Such chemicals can be in the forms of accumulating neurotransmitters, hormones along with enzymes. All of these serve the same purpose – helping to boost the key cognitive functions. Moreover, they play a vital role in increasing the supply as well as circulation of blood in brain with the overall growth of nerves in there.

Properties of the best nootropics smart pills:

You can stay fully assured that consumption of nootropic smart drugs does not leave any such major side effects behind to be dealt with afterwards. A number of scientific studies along with researches have been carried out to validate this point and so far it looks pretty good. However, an ideal nootropic drug should meet the following guidelines:

  • A nootropic stack should work to safeguard your brain from both the chemical as well as physical injuries
    Toxic by nature, these drugs should have few possible side effects provided there are any
  • The best nootropics smart pills should work well for improvement in the ability, memory and concentration power of brain so that you can learn effectively
  • Nootropics should improve the brain’s cognitive abilities and put off such abilities to be interrupted by some health related issues
  • Last but not the least; they should improve the cortical as well as subcortical control systems in the brain
    Once these guidelines are met; you don’t need to bother about the best available in the market.

Nootropics – The Classification:

Before getting into the classification of these smart drugs, you need to know that they are available as food stuffs, drugs, supplements and also numerous categories of drugs having cognitive advantages. Here is a short description of all:


These are mostly studied among the smart pills which are primarily used to treat people suffering from motor function and cognitive related issues that lead to several disorders including Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD. Many stimulants are often recommended and taken by those suffering from cognitive impairments.


Generally sold as the OTC (Over The Counter) drugs, they are used in a number of applications. This helps in boosting your cognitive function lacking the function of a stimulant or sedative. Though how it works is yet to be understood yet researchers have found that it boosts the consumption of oxygen and flow of blood in some parts of brain. Many of this nootropic stack function for longer periods.


It can be defined as any food item such as herb, vitamin and mineral etc is said to offer medicinal or health advantages. These nootropic advantages have made it well-known to be used in traditional Chinese as well as Hindu medications. The most common nootropic advantages you can enjoy here include the following:

Memory improvement

Accuracy and speedy recall
They work better when taken for longer periods as it might take your body to become accustomed with increased dosage owing to the tolerance development.


Mainly used as antidepressant, this drug has proved to be effective for cognition improvement in animals. Researchers even have found that there had been considerable increase in synaptic plasticity level of animals being given the drug. Such results have revealed this drug needs to enhance memory and learning power in the rats tested in the lab. However, there is some further testing required.

In order to know about the best nootropics smart pills, you need to consult a doctor first and then start using it.

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